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Host your fundraiser with us!

Some free advice about fundraising; Whatever you chose, wherever you go, do not do a 50/50 split with the venue! They are horrendous for the charity/cause and great for the venue – which is the exact opposite of what you should be looking for when hosting a charitable event. Simply put, you end up giving away an obscene amount of money for very little in return. Now, we're in this business to make money, but screwing over nice (but naive) people trying to do something selfless isn't part of our deal. Call us nuts, but if it's for a good cause, we like to actually participate in the event, not just serve as a venue. After all, we are part of the same community, and in essence, we're all in this together. That is why we always charge a flat fee to host a fundraiser at Union Street Lanes as opposed to doing a 50/50 split. The flat fee to host your event may vary slightly depending on the day of the week and time of the year when the event is held, but we guarantee you this, it will ALWAYS be less than hosting elsewhere where the venue charges a 50/50 split.

We've hosted a bunch of fundraisers here for some great and touching causes, and we seem to do things a little differently. As I mentioned earlier, we like to 'participate' in the event, not just profit from it. So, if your fundraiser is actually a fundraiser (and not just a party), we donate the lanes. We do charge a flat fee to cover utility and employee costs, but everything you charge for bowling, you keep. Before we're nominated for sainthood, we do have a bar, and usually that makes a small profit for us during the event.

A Real Example

Each spring we host a great fundraiser put together by a husband who lost his wife way too soon. He and their kids started a charity in her honor, helping keep the memory of this special person alive while allowing all the people she touched during her life the opportunity to get together and raise money for a good cause.

We close the alleys down for the event. He charges $25 a person, groups them into teams of four, bowl, raffles, prizes for winners, whatever. There's a turnout of approx 125 people. In this particular case, we charge $300 for overhead – TOTAL. If you're still debating where to host your fundraiser, take a look at the numbers from this particular event...

  • When Hosted With Us At Union Street:
    • 125 x $25 = $3,125
    • -$300 to Union Street
    • $2,825 for the cause
  • If Hosted With Someone Offering a 50/50 Split:
    • 125 x $25 = $3,125
    • -$1,562.50 to the venue
    • $1,562.50 for the cause

As mentioned earlier, the flat fee to host a fundraiser will vary slightly depending on a few factors such as day of the week, time of the year, etc. but it will always be cheaper than if you were to host somewhere that charges a 50/50 split. In this particular instance, hosting their fundraiser here at Union Street Lanes costs almost $1,300 less than the 50/50 guys! We set up, clean up after you and help with planning the tournament (if needed). We cover our overhead and make some money from the bar. Plus, we get to help out a great family and a really good cause. So, unless you're chronically lazy and feel like giving away a large chunk of your proceeds, give us a call at 781-767-1313 or shoot us an email at info@unionstreetlanes.com and let's see what we can come up with!